10 Critical Facts About Global Warming

Among the massive problems that the entire world is currently dealing with is global warming. The negative effects it brings to plants and animals are quite scary and the consequences it can bring on us humans are even a lot more frightening. Global warming facts are usually debated in the media and politics and it is really sad to say that even if all of us argue on what causes it, the effect that global warming brings are measurable, global and real. Basically, we, human beings cause it and the consequences we are facing right now can be more severe if we cannot do things to take care of our mother earth.

1. Rising Sea Levels
Rising Sea Levels
The increasing temperature levels basically means melting of polar ice sheets, sea ice and glaciers. And because all of these are melting, the amount of water present in oceans and seas are increasing and sea levels are rising.

2. Glaciers are shrinking
Glaciers melting
You need not to have some sort of specialized tool in order for you to see that the world’s glaciers are shrinking. Due to increasing temperatures, Tundra, which used to be covered with permafrost that was very thick is now melting and is now covered with plants.

3. Heat Waves
Heat Waves
Currently, these occurrences happen 2-4 times more often and extreme heat waves are increasing steadily over the past fifty to a hundred years. Scientists have found out that in the next 40 years, this occurrence can happen 100 times more as compared to today. This will suggest a continuous increase in temperature, heat-related diseases and wildfires.

4. More storms and more floods
Storms and Floods
Scientists make use of climate model in order for them to forecast the effect of increasing global temperatures on precipitation. But, we need not to have a model for us to notice that severe storms are occurring more often now. Hurricanes that belong to categories 5 and 4 occurred twice as much as it used to.

5. Drought
Although several countries are suffering more storms and rising sea levels, there are also some parts of the world that are experiencing drought. Drought conditions may rise up to 66% as estimated by experts as the climate warms and temperatures rise. A rise in this condition will lead to a shortage in water supply and a decline in agricultural quality. A scarier effect will be starvation among those who live in areas affected by this condition.

6. More Diseases
Many health sites inform us on how to live healthier and eat better. But what good does it do when the general public damages the environment that creates health threats all throughout the globe that is being caused by increased temperatures with associated droughts, storms and floods. These conditions create an environment conducive for the growth of disease-carrying organisms such as mice, ticks and mosquitoes. Currently, there is a rise in outbreaks in different parts of the globe.

7. Financial Setbacks
Financial Damage
Along with the increasing temperature, the cost linked with climate change also increases. Extreme floods and storms with losses in the agricultural industry may cause damages amounting to billions and billions.

8. War and Conflicts
War & conflicts with natural resources as motive
Global conflicts, issues, wars and security threats can be caused by the declining amount of land, water and food.

9. Biodiversity Loss
Biodiversity Loss
Along with rising global temperatures, the endangerment and loss of species is also increasing. By the year 2050, studies have shown that almost thirty percent of animal and plant species currently present will be in a risk for extinction.

10. Damage of Ecosystems
Damage of Ecosystems
The massive increase in carbon dioxide levels and the changes in climatic conditions will really test our ecosystems. This will threaten our supply of food, energy resources, clean air, fuel resources, fresh water supply and all of the other things we need.